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leather chairs
How to Safely Move and Store Leather Furniture in Winter

Moving in winter can be stressful, moving with leather furniture can be stressful… moving in winter with leather furniture—that can… Continue reading

Cardboard boxes with images of electronics labeled on the outside
Tips for Packing Electronics for Your Move

When it comes to packing for a move, there are some things that are easier to transport than others. Electronics,… Continue reading

Set of household home appliances on pink background
Unique Items That Require Specialty Moving

Moving is stressful. It’s especially so when you have items that are easily damaged or difficult to pack, such as… Continue reading

coffee maker
How Do I Pack My Small Appliances During a Move?

Packing and moving any appliance takes skill, patience and, when it comes to the big stuff, muscles. When it comes… Continue reading

Wrapped up furniture surrounded by moving boxes
How Do I Prevent Furniture Damage While Moving?

Not all furniture is equal, especially when you’re moving. Some furniture is light, easy to transport, and easier to handle…. Continue reading

computers stacked and ready to be recycled
5 Steps to Take When Recycling Electronics

One of the most critical steps of moving is downsizing and disposing of unwanted items, such as old electronics. Take… Continue reading

view of a livingroom
9 Tips for Moving Furniture Without Damage

Moving furniture can be exhausting and even dangerous work. Furniture moving gone wrong can also result in damage to the… Continue reading

dresser with small lamp
How to Prepare Dressers and Armoires for Relocation

Are you taking any dressers, wardrobes, chests, or armoires from your old home to your new home? Before your relocation,… Continue reading

close up of a laptop
Safely Moving Electronics From Your Old Home to Your New

It doesn’t matter whether you are moving across town or out of state, you need to take extra steps to… Continue reading

3 Ways It Pays to Keep Your Furnishings When You Move

Are you tempted to sell or give away all of your belongings before you move? Are you considering starting out… Continue reading