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Parent and child sing in the kitchen using spoons as microphones.
A New Homeowner’s Guide to Cooking During a Household Move: Easy Food to Make at Home

If you’re about to move or have just recently moved, it can be difficult to to think about something as… Continue reading

Graphic of leafy footprints between a green building and a green house with wind turbines and a blue sky.
How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint During Your Move

Last year, 27.1 million Americans moved. The vast majority of those moves were anywhere from a 50 to 2,000 mile… Continue reading

Older couple downsizing
Post-Move Blues: How to Manage Relocation Depression

You’re about to embark on a great adventure. You’re leaving the community you knew behind and stepping out into the… Continue reading

Middle aged couple laughing together at a cafe
How to Adjust to Becoming an Empty Nester

When your kids are young, they fill your life with activities, tough conversations, laughter and infinitely more. From driving them… Continue reading

Door mat reading “home sweet home” with white tennis shoes in the corner
New Year’s Goals for Someone Who Just Moved

If you recently moved, you’re likely feeling the natural tendency to start fresh, and what better way to keep that… Continue reading

Sick or tired man laying face-up under a pile of cardboard moving boxes in an unfurnished room
How to Avoid Getting Sick After Moving into a New Apartment or House

With so much that goes into moving, the last thing you need is to come down with a sickness. Whether… Continue reading

Excited woman getting a gift from her friend.
Holiday Gift Ideas for Someone Who’s Moving

Looking for a heartfelt going away present for someone who is moving across the country? In need of a fun,… Continue reading

One vehicle driving through the winter snowy forest on a country road.
How to Stay Safe When Moving in the Snow

Moving in the winter takes a few additional steps than summer or spring moves. Along with all the usual moving… Continue reading

Woman sitting on a mountain
What’s the Best Place to Move for a Fresh Start?

You’re ready to pack up your stuff, move somewhere new and start fresh… but you’re not sure where you want… Continue reading

Family celebrating Halloween with costumes and pumpkins
10 Tips on Celebrating Halloween in Your New Home

If you’re moving in October… with kids… the topic of Halloween has probably come up at least once or twice…. Continue reading